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Parents and children

Transnational Meetings:

First Transnational Meeting

20-21 January 2014, Copenhagen
Work package: Management and Quality Plan

Second Transnational Meeting, Reykjavik

18-19 June 2014
Work package: Implementation

Third Transnational Meeting, Budapest

03-04 February 2015
Work package: Exploitation

Team photo from Gotenburg meeting

Final Transnational Meeting, Gotenburg, Sweden

28-29 September 2015
Work package: Compendium

Dissemination Congresses:

Introduction of the SIGNALS Project

at 24. EECERA Conference in Crete, Greece, 7th - 10th September 2014
by Stig Broström

5th International Conference LUMEN - TCA 2014, Targoviste, Romania

21-22 November 2014

Preschool staff and preschool manages in the municality, Östersund, Sweden

9-10 December 2014

The participants for the Swedish study, University of Gotenburg, Sweden

19 January 2015

International Early Childhood Education Conference, Kaposvár, Hungary

05-06 February 2015
Conference motto: “The child belongs to us; me, you and all of us"

9. Osnabrücker Kongress "Bewegte Kindheit", Osnabrück, Germany

19-21 March 2015

Motivational Conference "The Importance of Parenting Education", Iasi, Romania

20 May 2015

6th International Conference LUMEN, Iasi, Romania

16-19 April 2015

ERPA International Congresses on Education, Athens, Greece

4-7 June 2015

Aktionsforskning og aktionslæring, Aalborg, Denmark

10 June 2015

Dissemination Conference, Budapest, Hungary

31 August 2015

25th EECERA Conference, Barcelona, Spain

07th September - 10th September 2015
Presentation (PowerPoint)

Dissemination Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece

24 September 2015

In-service course for preschool teachers, University of Gotenburg, Sweden

30 September 2015

Menntakvika conference, School of Education, Reykjavik, Iceland

02 October 2015

15th International Meeting on Early Education and Preschool, Monterrey, Mexico

15-17 October 2015

Dagtilbudsdidaktik, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark

27 October 2015

Dissemination Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

November 2015

Workshop, University of Western Macedonia, Greece

04 December 2015

Appreciative Parenting in Promoting Child Participation, Vatra Dornei Romania

16 December 2015

Journal of Early Childhood Education Research (JECER)

Article in issue 5(1), 2016